Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hey there everyone! It's that time of the week for all your latest Gold Rush news!

Guess I should start with the big one, Pandora is running a special through St. Patrick's Day. Spend $100 on any Pandora merchandise and receive the free starter Pandora charm bracelet for free! The bracelet usually runs $65, and the special usually runs at a $150 minimum purchase, so we were all a little surprised to see this months promo! This is a great time to get started, or to start on your second bracelet. You don't want to miss this!

Pandora's spring bead order hasn't arrived yet, but we are expecting it in the near future. Among the new beads this spring include a baseball and camera charm, which are bound to be hugely popular. They have released a brand new shamrock Murano glass bead just for St. Patty's but we've got limited quantity. They'll be on order but now would be a great time to pick one up (It'd be a great start for your FREE bracelet!)

We would also like to remind our customers, we are a GOLD Pandora dealer! We carry nearly everything they offer, including their stack-able rings, adjustable necklaces, and customizable earrings. Haven't seen any of their other lines? Swing by and check them out.

Last week we were able to put out about 30 new additions to our estate department, so be sure to stop in and check out the new pieces.

That's it for this week, we'll keep everyone posted on any new info as soon as it's available to us! See you all soon!

Bryan Jeske
Accredited Jewelry Professional, Gold Rush Jewelers

Monday, March 5, 2012

First Off, id like to apologize! With Valentines and some much needed housekeeping items keeping me preoccupied over the last month I've neglected to keep the posts coming. Hopefully this will be the last time we've got this problem and i can keep a steady stream of information headed your way every week!

March started off very well for us, with an IJO Jewelry show at the end of the month February we picked up quite a few new pieces for the store. Fantasy Diamond released some brand new rings, pendants and stud earrings that came in early last week and are now ready for new homes! In addition to the new fantasy pieces, we've also picked up something our customers have been asking about for quite some time, Green Diamonds! We received a few pieces to see what the reception would be like, and it was overwhelmingly positive! Currently we've got a couple pendants, earrings, and bands with green & white diamonds. As well as the green we have also been a carrier of the Caribbean Blue Diamond, which has been a customer favorite for a few years now.

Pandora's spring charms are coming! New tray lineups have been installed in our collection and we've made room for all the brand new beads to be released this spring. Of the new beads, personal favorites of the staff have been the camera and the much anticipated Baseball charm! March will also offer an early Pandora Bracelet event! With a minimum purchase of anything Pandora, you will receive a charm bracelet as a free gift! Normally done in September this event will give you yet another opportunity to join the ever growing world of Pandora. Stop in for details, an Eblast will be released shortly to those of you on our email listing.

Kameleon has released a new catalog, and with it a new spring collection of Jewel Pops and Jewelry for you to change and grow your collections with one of the leaders in the interchangeable jewelry world!

Fan of Switch & Fun? New stones to switch out are here! Also in addition to the new stones come a new aspect to the line, Bracelets! Leather cords with magnetic clasps that come in 7.5" & 6.5" sizes are now available!

I'd like to remind everyone that in addition to all of our new lines and pieces, we still offer the same services that as your full service jeweler, we are proud to offer. Free jewelery cleaning and stone inspection are available whenever you come in. Shopping for Pandora, or browsing the estate section? Let us take a look at your current treasures and make sure the stones are secure! Cleaning only takes a few minutes and can save a lot of hassle down the road. We offer re-polishing/re-finishing of jewelry as well. Polishing can make a ring look brand new, and it can be done while you wait! White gold looking dingy? Re-Rhodium plating is available and we can make it look like the day you purchased it!

Until next time, I'd like to thank all of our existing customers for continuing to appreciate all of the beautiful lines we carry, and would like to extend an invitation to any new customers to come browse our ever expanding Bridal and Estate selections, large selection of colored stone jewelry, as well as the lines mentioned in the beginning of this post.

Hope to see you soon!
-Bryan Jeske, Accredited Jewelry Professional 

Friday, January 27, 2012


Since 1978, Gold Rush Jewelers and our team of jewelry experts have taken pride in serving our customers from all across Northern Michigan to the best of our abilities. With the growing interest in social networking, we have recently become active on both Facebook and Twitter, and most recently the ever growing blogging universe! Our goal is to keep you updated on store events for the month, and share some of the knowledge of our experienced sales staff, goldsmiths, and Master Graduate Gemologist (MGG) every week. 

Bryan Jeske
Accredited  Jewelry  Professional